'Uncodified Signals' by Pietro Riparbelli Out Now! (on 21th March 2014)


'Uncodified Signals' by Pietro Riparbelli

Sound performance and sound installation with short wave radio receivers and with two runic sound sculptures (Soundshape_2-3_Ansuz_Thorisaz) used as audio speakers of the event. After the concert the sculptures will remain there to create a sound installation related to the environment. The door of the place is closed so you can see the work from the windows surrounding the place.

This work is inspired by the phenomenon of Drosoulites: Every year, on the anniversary of the battle of Fragokastello (May 17th ), when the dawn breaks, the visitor sees a long procession of visions. There are people, dressed in black, with their weapons shining under the morning sun, walkers and riders, marching from the ruined church of Agios Charalambos and advancing towards the fort.They reach the sea and disappear into it , with the first rays of the sun. They are called Drosoulites.

The phenomenon usually last about 10 minutes. Many have tried to explain this in a scientific way, and at one time it was explained as a mirage from the coast of north Africa, but still there is no accepted consensus. The appearance of the Drosoulites is so real, that is is documented over the ages. In 1890 a transient Turkish army, took the images for rebels and opened fire on them. Even during the last World War, a German patrol opened fire on the visions. So this work deals with of particular waves called residual waves which for the parapsychology, it remains in the environment and into the wall or other things for many many years, and these waves could be perceived and are able to creates phenomena such as Drosoulites.