ADRIFT (cdr)

Leonardo Rosado
Every once in awhile real and imaginary stories are the stuff that occupy our thoughts. They populate our dreams at every stage of our biography, they evolve backwards to previous iterations or leap forward to uncharted territories. Adrift was composed trying to capture this set of emotions, images and barely coherent scripts to give a glimpse of my own journey through sensations. The use of sound to convey emotions is perhaps the common denominator in all my work and the search for a universal code language is what I mostly want to achieve. Whether I am successful or not depend entirely on you, the listener, so I leave the scripts open to your own interpretations and I hope I succeed in some way at exposing emotions throughout the 7 pieces that together form the album short poem about the ideas behind the album:


At that point in time I knew
That taking a step forward 
Towards the abyss
Was all I had left

To truly feel the warmth of the sun
And the softness of the guiding wind
Towards inevitability
Towards abandonment

But instead
I started to descend
Forever falling
Forever learning pointless knowledge
Forever saying the same words

Until they became simultaneously meaningful and empty
Until I couldn’t understand no more 
If it was the warmth of the sun or the softness of wind taking me
To nowhere
I became adrift

100 cd-r digifile limited edition