'Loud Listening - Through the Sound of Murano Glass' (dvd)


The artistic residence of "LOUD ~ LISTENING THROUGH THE SOUND OF MURANO GLASS" was held between 28th and January 31st, 2014 .

The entire residence was documented through a docu-film.
The DVD contains the documentary film as well as the sounds recorded in the furnaces and the places of glass production in some of the most important furnaces of Murano.

Price: €12.00

'Uncodified Signals' (sound sculpture)


'uncodified signals'

The work has been created with radio sources by shortwave radio receivers and field recordings recorded at radio center of Coltano founded by Guglielmo Marconi.


Price: €1,500.00

'Fieldnotes' (Risograph printed + mp3 digital)


Album: Fieldnotes Artist: Walkingsoundtrack (Nicola Di Croce)

The project

Walkingsoundtracks is a dedication to geography, to movement, to voyage crossings.

A singing for the road’s sounds, it tells the history of a multitude of inner fragments coming together to shape a context. This project was born going through field recording, electronic music and acoustic universe, combining writing and improvisation to the casualty of the soundscape’s textures.

Price: €20.00

Soil Steps (cdr)


Artist: Orla Wren  | Album: Soil Steps | Art & Design by Urban9 | Release: March 2014

Following swiftly on from 2013’s ‘Book Of The Folded Forest’ (Home Normal) and 'The Blizzard That Birthed Her' (Facture) the new Orla Wren album ‘Soil Steps’ finds the ever itinerant tui divesting himself from his usual cadre of musical collaborators and travelling, solo, into the Spanish wilderness with a tent and a portable recorder.

Price: €15.00