Beautiful Ground’ is the result of an artist residency where Alessio Ballerini recorded sounds and stories during a walking trail of 250 km in 20 days.

Music realized for ‘Bioculture / Artwalks with wine’ project 

The creation of musical compositions starting from the recorded sounds is an imaginative transformation of the landscape and sound elements that most strongly express the identity of the communities Ballerini came across. This change projects the listener into parallel worlds, transcending the reality we experience in everyday life. Ballerini gives his listeners a work of strong emotional impact and creates sounds a step by step experience alone could produce, showing us a new land emerging from the old land.
He mixes the soundscape of Le Marche, synthetic parts of electronic music,
Italian ancient keyboard instruments from different periods recorded in the temple of San Francesco in Camerino and at the church of Cossignano, including organs, harpsichords and pianos.