Oak Editions supports the WLD with this Deison & Uggeri LP offer

photo by Jonathan Grado

World Listening Day

Oak Editions invites you to participate in World Listening Day 2015, an annual global event held on July 18. The purposes of WLD are to:

  • Celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments;
  • Raise awareness about the growing number of individual and group efforts that creatively explore Acoustic Ecology based on the pioneering efforts of the World Soundscape Project, World Forum for Acoustic EcologyLa Semaine du SonDeep Listening Institute, among many others;
  • Design and implement educational initiatives that explore these concepts and practices.

Further info: www.worldlisteningproject.org


Oak Editions supports the WLD with this Deison & Uggeri LP offer

Only for the World Listening Day 2015 we offer the possibility to buy the limited edition album "In the Other House" of Deison & Uggeri in LP version at the price of 10 € + any another release from our catalogue at you choice at the same price (so the overall is 20 €).

Reviews & Other Info: 


"Imagine The Haxan Cloak soundtracking a long lost John Carpenter film and you have 'In The Other House." (Days of Purple and Orange)

"This release explores different musical languages, along with new techniques and direction." (CÁNH ĐỒNG ÂM NHẠC)

"In the Other House porta le sperimentazioni di Deison & Uggeri a un livello alto, soprattutto per la complessità e la costruzione organica dell'operazione". (Music Tracks)

"In the Other House comes highly recommended to those on the lookout for highly imaginative and organically beautiful dark ambient". (Foreign Accents)

"Tra registrazioni d'ambiente, bordoni, archi e gemiti artificiali, le camere dell'altra casa prendono vita." (Agatha Speaks)

"L'essenza spettrale di un lavoro composito e profondamente evocativo."
(Music won't Save you)

"Ogni dettaglio sonoro sembra tendere alla volontà di mantenere vivo l'interesse dell'ascoltatore." (So What)